Robert Newton

Retailer | Bloomfield, IA
Corn, Soybeans
TerraNu Ignite
Application Rate
Corn Blend: 100 lbs./acre
Soybean Blend: 150 lbs./acre

Adding TerraNu to our business was easy. It’s easy to handle. We just mix it in with what we already use and spread it the same way we would any other fertility product we carry. It’s good that we can sell this to our customers knowing that every fertilizer granule we apply provides the same nutrients. It differentiates us from our competition because we can bring something unique to our customers that gives them a better nutrient package for their plants, and long-term for their soil.

There’s no question in my mind TerraNu is getting our plants started strong and enabling them to finish strong. With TerraNu, our yields are substantially more.

It’s harder to explain the investment to a grower when corn and soybean prices are the way they are today — why would you want to add more cost to your acres? But if you can get an extra 15 bushel/acre of soybeans and another 40 bushel/acre of corn, it’s a no-brainer to me. That’s why we recommend applying TerraNu.

It’s important to get that carbon back into the soil, and that’s usually done with a cover crop. But it’s my responsibility as a retailer to take care of that cover crop in the spring, which adds to the farmer’s bottom line. With TerraNu you get the carbon input of a cover crop without having to manage the cover crop.