Rob Chatt

Grower | Tekamah, NE
Corn, Soybeans
TerraNu MicroCaSH
Application Rate
35 lbs./acre

If a plant has a bad day, then you just set yourself back. If we can take a product like TerraNu and feed the soil biology, get the nutrients into the plant, and reduce the number of bad days the crop has, it will equate to a healthier and higher-yielding plant.

A lot of the fertilizers that we apply must be broken down by soil biology to feed the plant. So anytime we can use a carbon-based product, like TerraNu, that feeds both the soil biology and plant, it’s a win-win for us.

We farm all kinds of different soil conditions, so our pH’s are all over the board. We have hills, clay soils, and heavy soils down in the bottoms. So, if we can apply a product with balanced nutrition, like TerraNu, and we can help our plants by feeding the soil biology. Some nutrients are tied up, but it varies within fields or even within passes. I think TerraNu is a product that can help us utilize existing and applied nutrients across all of our different soil conditions.

TerraNu’s balanced nutrition combined with carbon and micronutrients, made it a great fit for our farming geography. Over the past 5-6 years, we’ve been trying to improve our soil biology and we thought TerraNu would be one more step in the right direction.