Dan Luepkes

Grower | Oregon, IL
Corn, Soybeans
TerraNu MicroCaSH

I believe that the micronutrients in TerraNu is essential in a corn program. You have to deliver the micronutrients in some form if you’re going to step up your yield. TerraNu delivers those in a carbon-based, and safe form.

For any grower looking to add micronutrients into their dry NPK blend, TerraNu is an easy way to do that. The friendliness and ease of the product is good for growers who want to start adding micronutrients to chase yield.”

There are certain things that I just won’t use because it harms soil health. When I look at a product, I want to make sure I’m not going to damage the positive effects that I’ve already created in my soil. I know TerraNu is one of those products that will not damage soil health – it’s a low-salt product and composed of sulfate-based nutrients. It’s a good solid biology amendment, and you’re getting nutrients along with it.

TerraNu is probably one of the most convenient products that I’ve seen. We have used many planter-applied liquid micronutrients, but I wouldn’t exactly call those convenient. The nice thing about TerraNu is that the nutrients are already mixed, it’s compatible, and it’ll go in with any dry spreading or banding fertilizer program.