Mark & Jill Anderson

Grower | Regent, ND
Barley, Peas, Spring Wheat
TerraNu Ignite
Application Rate
Air Seeder Blend: 60 - 100 lbs./acre

Beings were in North Dakota, we always deal with cold soils. So, if we can apply a starter fertilizer that has a good micronutrient package, it’s a win-win for us. It’s going to increase our plant health dramatically, and it’s going to get that plant growing a lot faster. We struggled with finding a good homogenized micronutrient product to put in-furrow until we found TerraNu.

This year we applied TerraNu on peas, and it was one of the best pea crops we’ve ever raised. I also ran a trial in my spring wheat, and I saw an average five-bushel/acre yield increase from applying TerraNu.

I’ve always been a big proponent of using a phosphorus fertilizer on peas, but they are a legume so you must be careful. High-salt phosphorus fertilizers can hurt their germination. But TerraNu has a salt buffering effect, and so it lowered the salt index of MAP, which made it a nice fit on our peas. It was very apparent that TerraNu gave the peas faster and more uniform germination.

I saw a quicker crop emergence from using TerraNu, and at harvest time we saw a five bushel/acre average yield increase over our standard fertilizer program on wheat. It’s really simple for us. When you get an increased ROI from using a product, you’re going to use it again.