Marvin Wiles

Grower | Plattsmouth, NE
TerraNu MicroCaSH
Application Rate
Corn Blend: 35 lbs./acre of TerraNu MicroPack

TerraNu carbon-based fertilizer gave us a jumpstart and almost increased one whole leaf stage in the growing season because the nutrients were available to the plant.

Our tissue analysis showed that TerraNu helped us sustain high nutrient levels at VT, and that led to a 16 bu./acre yield advantage and a $38 ROI/acre. We were quite impressed with that.

The availability of the TerraNu nutrients later on in the season made it a lot simpler for us as growers and retail managers. We noticed that the tissue analysis showed that we got more nutrients into the plant throughout the season, and those levels were a lot higher at the VT stage.

In the past, we couldn’t get a complete micronutrient package in the applicator within reason and do a good job of spreading. The great thing about the TerraNu product was that is homogeneous, very easy to spread, and it’s compatible with other fertilizers.