Marshall Fink

Grower | Lanark, IL
Corn, Soybeans
TerraNu MicroCaSH
Application Rate
Corn Blend: 40 lbs./acre of TerraNu MicroPack

I chose TerraNu MicroPack because it’s 250-bushels worth of micronutrients in just one easy pass. It’s helping my fertilizer be more efficient, saving me dollars per acre and improving my yield.

I saw improved nutrient uptake with TerraNu, but the biggest thing I saw was improved bushels in the bin. That’s what matters the most to me.

The most important TerraNu traits are the carbon source, ease of application, consistent application and nutrient availability. Those are my favorite product traits, and that’s what made me choose TerraNu.

The grain quality was better on the corn and soybeans I applied TerraNu carbon-based fertilizer too – better color kernel, little heavier kernel, and that heaviness and better grain quality usually translates to yield, and that’s what it did that first year.