Darwin Eisenga

Grower | Marion, MI
TerraNu Calcium
Application Rate
400 lbs./acre

We try to increase our potato quality each year, and we were able to do that again this year. We’ve seen a decrease in internal and external effects since we started applying TerraNu, and we increased our quantity of grade A potatoes by 5% this year.

With applying TerraNu this year, we had 2-3 more potatoes per plant than we’ve historically seen. That adds to our hundred weight per acre quickly. We were very pleased to see that

One interesting thing that I saw with applying TerraNu fertilizer this year was increased soil biological activity. I specifically remember moving a piece of machinery earlier this year and noticing an abnormal amount of earthworm activity. I had never seen that in this particular field before.


This is our third year of applying TerraNu, and we’re continuing to see great results year-after-year. We experienced a 5% increase in our hundredweight/acre this year, and we know TerraNu played a role in that.