Brent Wuthrich

Grower | Bloomfield, IA
Corn, Soybeans
TerraNu Ignite
Application Rate
Corn:100 lbs./acre
Soybean: 150 lbs./acre

One of the fields I applied TerraNu to was noticeably greener than some of the fields around it. And I got different comments from people that had driven by, and that ended up being the best yielding field I had last year.

TerraNu has helped add carbon to the soil, especially in fields where we aren’t able to use cover crops due to weather challenges. By applying TerraNu fertilizer, we’re still able to add beneficial carbon and improve our soil health.

TerraNu helped make sure our plants could extract all the nutrients out of the soil, keeping them more available to help improve our plant health and ultimately improve yield at the end of the year.

It’s important that TerraNu has the exact same nutrient analysis in every granule because we only have one shot to get it right.