Travis Messer

Retailer | Mott, ND
TerraNu Hi-P
Application Rate
Small Grains Air Seeder Blend: 40 lbs./acre

Hi-P is a premium carbon-based fertilizer that provides balanced nutrition while feeding highly digestible organic matter. It’s easy on equipment, homogenized, and developed to feed highly available phosphorus to all types of soil.

TerraNu’s balanced nutrition led to increased plant height, earlier emergence, pod set and the overall development of the soybeans was tremendously better. We saw a 12–20 bushel increase with TerraNu on our strip-till soybean trial.

When we incorporated TerraNu on several of our customer’s farms this year, we were very hopeful and optimistic about the results. But I think the biggest surprise were the text messages and pictures that we started receiving right out of the gate. To see the emergence on the small grains was almost unbelievable. And other growers were sending us text messages of wheat that was out of the ground three to five days sooner than the check. We saw these type of responses all year long and it attributed to yield increases ultimately.

We’ve seen some pretty tremendous yield increases with TerraNu fertilizer on soybeans, hard red spring wheat and barley this year. Some of the yield increases on our barley side-by-side trials showed 10–15 and even 20 bushel advantages in some places versus traditional fertilizer. And with the increased biology that TerraNu creates, we were able to achieve some record barley yields this year on very little applied nitrogen, which led to increased yield and quality.