Jason Wykoff

Grower | New Carlisle, IN
TerraNu MicroCaSH
Application Rate
50 lbs./acre

If you think you can replicate carbon’s positive effects with an industry standard fertilizer, you can’t. You cannot replicate what carbon does to a soil. That’s why I apply TerraNu fertilizer.

We believe that TerraNu and its carbon component is feeding our soil biology. We’ve seen consistently better soil structure, water infiltration and ultimately better yields on our farms.

We’re using TerraNu because it feeds our soil microbiology. It continues to crank up our soil’s engine year-after-year, and it’s making nutrients more available to our crops.

We are seeing better nutrient uptake for a longer period of time with TerraNu MicroPack. And it’s easier to apply than liquid micronutrients – we place TerraNu in the strip and then we don’t have to make three or four trips across the field with a sprayer like we used to. It’s incredibly difficult to find the time to take that many trips across the field in a season, and those products are expensive. With the granulated MicroPack product, we can blend it with our other nutrients, place it in a strip next to the root zone and it’s available all season long. It’s a far better value than the expensive liquid products that we use to apply.