Jason Clancy

Grower | Port Austin, MI
Wheat, Soybeans
TerraNu Ignite
Application Rate
100 lbs./acre

One interesting thing that we noticed when we trialed TerraNu last year was the increased amount of phosphorus that our soil tests showed on the TerraNu side of the field. And we didn’t apply any additional phosphorus to that side of the field, so that’s telling us that TerraNu is helping unlock existing nutrients.

Our goal is to increase our soil health, and as that begins to occur we’ll increase the availability of the macro and micronutrients that are locked up in our soils. We think TerraNu fertilizer will enable us to utilize those existing nutrients that we haven’t taken advantage of in the past.

The thing that I like about TerraNu is that it’s a guaranteed nutrient analysis in every granule – we know that we’re getting carbon and micronutrients in every single granule. We know the potential benefits of manure, but it’s tough to know the actual nutrient analysis of every gallon of manure. And we know that the manure applicators are contributing to our soil compaction issues.


The first thing that caught my eye with TerraNu was increased soil health. The soil was noticeably darker and had less compaction, and that enabled our roots to run deeper vertically on the TerraNu side of the field.