Darin Stolte

Grower | Olin, IA
Corn, Soybeans
Application Rate
Corn Blend: 40 lbs./acre of TerraNu MicroPack
Soybean Blend: 40 lbs./acre of TerraNu MicroPack and 19 lbs./acre of TerraNu Calcium

I feel that with TerraNu and the Midwestern BioAg fertilizer blends, we’re balancing nutrients. We’re going farther than NPK, we’re going to all the trace minerals – everything the crop needs throughout the growing season.

The biggest thing I always tell people is that when you’re trying something new, you don’t have to try it on the whole farm. Just try it on a small portion of acreage. If you spend $20 and you get $30 back, that’s a positive return. So if you spend $50 and get $80 back, that’s positive as well. So I don’t worry about how much I spend. I worry about the return on my investment, and how much I can get back. And I feel like TerraNu, and its balanced nutrition, is paying us back verses applying low quality nutrients like we used to.

After using TerraNu to increase our soil biological activity, we gained as much as a 25-30 bushel advantage on our marginal ground last year. That’s the most we’ve ever seen

The biggest thing I noticed about applying TerraNu fertilizer is that the crop never had a bad day. It grew nice and uniform. I never saw any deficiencies or striping of the leaves, like I’ve seen in the past. I know nutrients are getting into the plant when those traits aren’t noticeable. I believe that TerraNu is a high-quality, well-available nutrient that played a role in my crop health.